How to Do Kickboxing Workout at Home, for Free, with No Equipment?

How to Do Kickboxing Workout at Home, for Free, with No Equipment?

Working out at home is amazing compared to going to a gym or training sessions. Although going to a gym or studio has its perks, nothing beats the accessibility and comfort of working out at home. Nothing beats the comfortable feeling of doing exercises at home because you are in the privacy of your home without people watching you. 

Home workouts are great for numerous reasons, but if you get nervous quickly or have anxiety about people judging and looking towards you, home workouts are the best option for you. Gyms and studios provide the ethic and enthusiasm needed to continue the workout, but if you know you can handle your procrastination, then workout at home is for you. 

Unlike other workout routines, kickboxing is a little more challenging to do at home without the presence of an instructor, especially if you are just starting as a beginner. Kickboxing is a more technical and movement-induced workout, so figuring it out on your own is not as easy as people think it is. There are many things to consider, and you need expert advice or guidance to perfect the techniques. 

However, there is actually nothing you can't do at home with enhanced technology. If you want to start kickboxing at your home, you will first need the best workout videos available. YouTube is filled with training videos, but the quality might not be what you are looking for. Kickboxing Online Training is a channel where you can find workout routines approved by professionals with years and years of experience. 

Secondly, kickboxing at a gym or a studio requires equipment, but when you are at home, we understand you don't want to spend the bucks in buying them. Although we suggest you invest some money into perfecting your kickboxing practices and getting the equipment, there are not as necessary. There is a way you can kickbox at home without any equipment. 

With equipment such as a punching bag, you assume to be defending yourself against an opponent. The punching bag serves as your opponent and gets all the beating from punches and kicks. With no punching bag, you are fighting against yourself, and you need to be precise with your movements to get the full effect. While using the punching bag, you are aware of the power you are hitting it with, and all your moves have an endpoint as they all end up on the punching bag. Without it, all your movements need to be spot on as you don't want to overdo something and hurt yourself. 

Here is how you can do a kickboxing workout at home without the equipment. 

Shadow Boxing is the Way to Go

Shadowboxing is a workout technique that involves boxing without the necessary equipment or someone to box with. In this technique, you are essentially fighting with your own shadow, punching in the air and hence the name, shadow boxing. In this workout, you will require a bigger, more open space to have enough room to move about. Also, practicing in front of a mirror to fine-tune your technique is a genius way because you become your opponent.

Try out different punching methods, different motion combos, and fast-paced boxing skills in the beginning to find your comfort. If you're merely getting started and need some pointers, try Kickboxing Online Training YouTube videos or other DVDs available in the markets. These resources will teach you the fundamentals of kickboxing and provide shadowboxing courses to improve your skills.

Focus on Your Posture

Your posture is absolutely vital as you proceed during your shadowboxing routine. Remember to always carefully place the ancillary leg in the front so your dominant leg is ready to blow the opponent. This means if you are right-handed, your left leg will be in the front, and the right leg will be firmly placed at the side behind the left leg with your feet aligned with your shoulders.

Standing with your legs spreading widely or if they are too narrow might slow you down and compromise your balance and posture. The same goes for your hands. If you are a left-handed person, you need to keep the right hand in the front and keep your left hand ready for a mighty blow.

The hand you are leading with needs to be at eye level with you, and your dominant hand should be close to your body, touching your ribs. With one hand at your eye level, you can keep your face safe from any incoming blows as you will block it. Posture and body balance have great importance in kickboxing, and you need to learn all the techniques to perfect your skills. 

Precise Footwork is Needed 

Kickboxing is all about movement. Your legs should not be crossing as with one wrong move; you can lose the balance and might trip. If you want to move to the right, make sure to first move your right foot towards it as you need to make space for the left foot. Maintain agility by remaining on the sole while equally distributing your weight among both legs. The footwork may appear complicated and confusing initially, as your feet constantly stay in the defensive posture. Continue to practice, and it will come naturally to you. 

Perfect Your Punches 

Standard punches are classified into four categories: jab, hook, cross, and uppercut. Whenever the punches are effectively combined, they generate various combinations. When developing combos, rationally consider your weight and energy dispersion. 

Remember to maintain your non-dominant arm in defense while you fire blows. To form the behavior, always return to your defense during your practice. The slight movement of hands and strategically placed punches will take you a long way. 

Kickboxing is not easy, and you may get tired of it after a few days of working out but be consistent for a healthier life and a much more toned body. If done right, kickboxing can do wonders, so start kickboxing today and transform yourself. 

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