Heavy Bag Workout for Kickboxing & Muay Thai (Includes Video Workout)

Heavy Bag Workout for Kickboxing & Muay Thai (Includes Video Workout)

The heavy bag is a piece of workout equipment most fitness lovers enjoy working with. Another name and a more common one for the heavy bag is “Punching bag.” It is equipment that helps prepare the champions of the fitness world, and without it, almost no workout routine is complete. 

The heavy bags were a constant in the boxing or professional fighting routines, but now they have made their way into the mainstream fitness routines as well. They offer a high-intensity workout for the whole body and are ideal for making the body strong. 

Heavy bags are used for a number of workout regimes, but they are perfect for practising kickboxing and Muay Thai. If you are someone who has recently started practising kickboxing or Muay Thai, a heavy bag is going to be your long-term friend. 

Here are some of the heavy bag exercises for Muay Thai combat sport. Muay Thai literally translates to “Thai Boxing”, and it is a kind of martial art routine. If you are new to the martial arts scene, Muay Thai is a great way to start.

Movement Drill and Footwork for Muay Thai 

Whether it is kickboxing or Muay Thai, footwork and movement drills are some of the most important techniques to learn. This practice will teach you how to use your feet and mobility to get into a dominant fighting stance. The heavy bags serves as an opponent, and you can move around them to perfect your posture. 

It is critical to get the heavy bag spinning around you in order to imagine a strong opposition. This practice is ideal for a warm-up since it gets the blood moving and allows your muscles to loosen up before moving on to other exercises.

Power Kick Routine 

Heavy bags are the best for preparing yourself for a power kick drill. This routine lets you handle the bag when it’s moving towards you as you wait for it to swing by you to kick it with all your might. You can increase the number of kicks with each passing day, eventually becoming an expert in it.

Polishing the Boxing Technique 

Among the most apparent advantages of punching the heavy bag is that it enhances your boxing skills. Many people believe that boxing depends on the ability to throw the most significant blows, but this is not true at all. Sure, punching force is crucial, but boxing is mostly about delivering each move correctly and precisely. Using heavy bags gives you the ability to imagine the opponent and blow them out.

Kick and Knee Switches 

This routine gives you the required agility to blow the opponent with kicks and knee blows. This technique will also improve your balance and overall performance and enable you to feel more at ease in close range combats. Persistence and stamina are vital in Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA, as the sooner you can withstand your competitor, the greater your edge in a real battle will be.

 These were some routines of Muay Thai using a heavy bag; there are many others you can choose for yourself according to the expertise. Heavy bags will help you greatly and incorporating it will only strengthen your existing abilities. 

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