The Best kickboxing Classes Worldwide

If you are a fan of kickboxing, there is a huge possibility you have often wondered what the best kickboxing classes worldwide are. There are numerous kickboxing classes a person can choose from ranging from points fighting to American kickboxing, each with a unique set of rules. The set of rules used also help in the setting up of a scoring system since each kickboxing type allows the use of different maneuvers. The basics of kickboxing involve different techniques like punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes, and defense. For one to learn kickboxing, they can visit a gym, a kickboxing studio or learn from the comfort of their home watching a DVD or watching online kickboxing lessons. Kickboxing is a form of martial arts that has piqued the interest of most due to its ability to help an individual in strength building, discipline as well as improve their flexibility. The best kickboxing classes in the world are cardio kickboxing classes, Sanshou, Thai boxing, and American kickboxing.


American kickboxing

American kickboxing is the most common type of kickboxing available worldwide. It mixes traditional karate with Western boxing to formulate a new kind of boxing that allows for full contact during sessions. The rules of this type of kickboxing are simple. The men are usually bare-chested with boxing shorts while female boxers are required to wear sports bras and boxing shorts. The techniques applied in this form of kickboxing are kicks and punches. Training for this type of kickboxing needs to be rigorous since the bouts last only two to three minutes each with a one-minute rest between rounds. Forbidden moves are sweeps, throws, clinch fighting, and use of shins, knees, and elbows.

Cardio kickboxing

Since the introduction of cardio kickboxing classes in 2008, the sport has gained popularity and has been adopted by gyms as a way to help clients in their workout regimes. Scientists have determined that in 1 hour only, regular cardio kickboxing can help a person burn 1000 calories which is an appealing amount to burn in comparison to other sports in the same amount of time. It is best applied in a weight loss program as it is a proven method to shed weight effectively. Cardio kickboxing can be defined as a fitness sport that helps to work out all parts of the body. It is based on kickboxing skills and is majorly recommended to clients who like martial arts but have little interest in sparring. An instructor usually conducts the lessons in the presence of music. As one progresses, the tempo of the music is increased to ensure that the body feels the rhythm and intensity of the workout session hence ensuring that you are rejuvenated and stimulated at the end of the workout. For one to notice and feel the effect of cardio kickboxing, they need to attend at least three or four one-hour sessions a week.

Thai boxing

Thai Boxing/Muay Thai

Thai boxing, otherwise known as Muay Thai is a martial art that originated from Thailand. Muay Thai has been developed over the years into a close-combat kickboxing technique with several rules. To learn the traditions, practices, and fundamentals of Muay Thai, one has to look deeper into the Thai culture and take time to train to develop the skill. The most prominent Thai boxing fighters begin to practice at an early age for several hours each day to perfect their art.

Thai boxing does not require any sophisticated equipment for training because it majorly uses readily available tools. The tools used may include coconut trees, small logs, banana trees, and agility balls. In today’s modern society, one can take several online kickboxing classes to understand the art of Muay Thai better.


If you are a fan of Kung Fu, then Sanshou or Sanda is the best kickboxing class for you. It is an art mastered by the Chinese military and combines modern techniques of combat fighting with traditional Kung Fu practices. It allows for the use of punches, kicks, sweeps, throws, takedowns, kick catches, wrestling and strikes. Sanshou has been preferred to Kung Fu as a martial art since it is thought to be fit for all genders and ages.

KungFu kickboxing

Choosing the best kickboxing lesson can be difficult because almost all of them are suitable especially considering the benefits accrued from each of them. The considerations you have to take into account include how much work you can handle, the necessary gear, the venue of the kickboxing classes, the instructor, your flexibility, your personal goals and the fuel for the regime. These factors will determine how you view the best kickboxing lessons. One has to rid themselves of the idea that kickboxing and martial arts must be restricted to monasteries and those trying to gain focus since they have other benefits.


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