Kickboxing Workout With Punching Bag: The Real Muscle Game

Kickboxing Workout With Punching Bag: The Real Muscle Game

Kickboxing is a perfect start for those people that are fond of martial arts and also longed to box at rings. Kickboxing with a punching bag allows you to practice your kicks and strategies on an object that helps define your target. Training for this is a real thing. Wanted to pursue this but weren’t able to do so because of no time, availability of proper instructors, or the devil “quarantine” itself?

Here, at we bring you Naoufal and Danny, an athlete to help you face this challenge of yours. They will help you in redefining your current strategies and developing new ones better than the previous ones. Their style of teaching this art is extremely commendable and understandable. Let's look further into how you can start kickboxing with a punching bag

Do A Quick Warm-Up

The first thing that you should do before exercising is to do a quick warm-up of fifteen to twenty minutes. This will help your body to relax and for your muscles to stretch slightly before the real thing. Starting your exercise straight away without considering doing a warm-up will result in cramps, tissue damage, and stretched muscle pain that will last for days. So, keep in mind before swinging your legs try warming them up first.

Do The Bag Workout

After warming up, the next step is the bag workout. In this, you will be doing different types of exercises that involve using the bag as a source of hits. Whether it be your hands, your arms, your legs, your chest, or even your head. You will be doing as much effort as possible to put that muscle on your flesh.

The bag routine can last for forty minutes to an hour depending on the no. of exercises you will be taking. In the beginner stage, the time should be restricted but once you get used to it the training sessions can be prolonged to increase the efficiency of the workouts that means more muscle gain.

Hit The Ab Workout

After the bag workout, switch to the ab/core workout, this time either you will be punching the hell out of someone else's abs or getting your abs punched hard. This one is known to show how much resistance your abs can show. If your abs are well built and have muscle on them you will be able to hold out longer than a person who has lesser ab muscles.

Relax Yourself And Your Body

A long workout requires a soothing and calm rest break. During this time drink your protein shakes and water and try wiping all that sweat with a handy towel. Also, drink a lot of water to make up for the dehydration. Stretch your muscles slightly so they don’t get cramped badly.

Why You Should Have A Diet Plan When Kickboxing With A Punching Bag?

This exercise requires huge amounts of energy and all that muscle build-up also needs to be fed. Try incorporating adequate amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into your routine to make sure that your body meets the desired requirements and remains healthy.

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