This online bag training will get you the body you want

This online bag training will get you the body you want

Online bag training is a demanding and rewarding exercise which makes you get the right body and shape. It is perfect for kickboxers and martial artists. But even for people who are fitness freaks and want a shaped body, bag training can be an all-in-one solution. Working on a bag increases your strength, agility, balance and overall fitness while making you lose weight in the right parts. The following tips for online bag training can help you get a well-toned and fit body which you have been working out for.

Proper preparation is mandatory

Bag training is a hectic and intensive exercise requiring a lot of effort and care. In order to prevent accidents and unwanted bruises, you should always use the right protection for your exposed parts. Like you could start by applying wraps over your hands and knuckle area. They are designed to protect your hands, wrist, and knuckles from any injury. Then you can wear gloves that suit your training style and training type. This would ensure that you choose the gloves of optimal weight as per your training requirement. This provides further protection to your hands and prevents injuries.

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Start by doing a light workout

In order to get the blood running, you can gradually start by throwing light punches for the first two-three minutes. This can serve as a warm-up and also gears up the body for the upcoming bouts. Also, a proper blood flow is necessary to prevent sudden cramps. Hence a light warm-up round ensures that your blood flows well.

Correct technique with the right guidance

When it comes to bag training, having a correct stance and technique is of utmost importance to get the desired outcome. You can have a fitness instructor tell you about the correct stance and the right type of punches to make. The punches should not be very hard as they will tire you soon, may cause accidents and end up doing more harm than good. Also, hard punches will affect your speed, and the workout would serve no end. So, you can throw mild punches while circling the bag and correcting your stance at all times . You can get the speed and power by using the correct technique, while it doesn’t work the other way around.

Online bag training

Use the fighting stance to throw all punches

You should never try to hit straight in an attempt to generate more power. This will only make your body devoid of energy and your fatigue will prevent you from continuing your session. You should always hold a fighting stance as if you’re in a real fight. This will give you time to regain your energy in the middle just like a boxer. Also, It will help you draw punches at the right time and with the right power. This conservation of energy in the middle can make you last longer on the routine. This can also develop your strength and stamina. Furthermore, the flexing of muscles would help in toning up your body in the right areas.

Several combinations of punches in sets

To make sure that your entire body benefits from the online bag training, you should use a number of punches in sets. You can have sessions with cross punches, jab punches, uppercuts, lower cuts, left hooks and right hooks, in sets. For advanced training, you can combine these in sets of twos and threes and then train depending on your area of focus.

The bag should be hit with a near full extension of the arm

You should ensure that the distance between you and the bag is optimum in order to achieve the best results. If you are slightly away from the optimum range, your punch won’t fall properly which will be of no use. Also, if you are too close to the bag, it will be more of a pushing motion than an exercise. So, you should ensure that the distance is such that your punch sinks in with a loud and clear sound. This would mean that all your energy is going into punching the bag and hence the effects on your body would be the desirable ones. Also, it would put less pressure on your arms, and you could continue your workout session till the planned duration.

Time the rounds and take proper breaks

Continuous practicing is also not good for the body and fatigue would set in. So, you should properly time the rounds that you spend on the bag and should take optimum number of breaks in between. This would reenergize your body and make it good before your next round begins. This round and break combination would allow you to have an effective workout session and get the desired results in your body.

Lastly, you should make sure that you are on a proper diet as suggested by your trainer in order to get the body you desire. Resting is also an important part of the full regime and you should make sure that you give your body enough sleep. With proper rest and good sessions with the bag, you can have the body which you always wanted.

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