Learn kickboxing from home via online training

Learn kickboxing from home via online training

In the recent years, kickboxing has gained popularity across the world as a technique of self-defense, as well as a means to attain cardiovascular fitness. Being an intense sport, kickboxing leads to training of all parts of your body. Therefore, whether you are looking for a healthy mind and body or you wish to be able to defend yourself in case of adverse events kickboxing is the ultimate sport for you. It is a way more challenging than other activities such as running or weightlifting and hence’ apart from getting your heart rate up it also requires mental strength.

What is kickboxing?

Kickboxing basically stems from three distinct forms of sports namely American boxing, Thai boxing, karate and Tae kwondo. The hand punches and feet positions of kickboxing have been taken from American boxing. The sweeps and knee strikes are borrowed from Thai boxing. Kickboxing’s powerful kicks are influenced from karate and its fast-paced kicks stem from the art of Tae Kwon Do.

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Benefits of kickboxing

There are several benefits of kickboxing which ensure you a healthy mind and body. You may also take up kickboxing online training as well if you do not find time to join the regular classes. With kickboxing all your major muscle groups are trained and hence, your body burns fat and reduces weight. In comparison to others sports, kickboxing is quite intense and hence, you tend to lose significantly more calories while training.

Anger and stress management

Apart from weight loss or just keeping your body toned you may also take up kickboxing online training for stress relief. You can channelise all your aggression to the punch bag and hence, train your mind, as well as body with this sport. It is a gratifying and relieving feeling to focus all your negative thoughts into an inanimate object, so you must resort to kickboxing sessions to lower your frustration levels and possibly feel invigorated after the practise.
However, when it comes to sparing with an opponent, make sure you direct all your attention on the task. Owing to the fast pace of kickboxing, you will only get enough time to focus on moving out of the way of your opponents moves and blocking jabs. In such a scenario if you deviate your mind to the life’s woes you would probably get hit. Hence, increased attention span is also a benefit of practising kickboxing regularly.

Anger Management

Tips for beginners

It is quite a daunting task to start learning how to kickbox. The sport is a combination of numerous moves, which have to be learned and you also need to keep your mind open to be able to decide which move to use and when. It is very important that you get the basics correctly, right from the start. If you pick up some wrong techniques they might be difficult to let go off in the later phases.

Observe yourself while practicing

If you are taking online training in kickboxing, it becomes all the more important for you to check yourself whether you are on the right track. Practising in front of a full length mirror where you can get a good look at yourself while you practice is a good idea. There are basically 3 essential points you must keep in mind while practising kickboxing.
Firstly, make sure that your feet are in right position. If you are right-handed you would probably be standing with your left leg facing forward. Make sure your knees are bent slightly while you stand.
Secondly, you must keep your hands up at the height of your chin. Position your right hand more to the side of your face and your left hand should be a few centimetres in front of your head. Place your elbows beside but make sure they don’t touch your body. Elbows can be used to block the punches and kicks that are delivered to the sides of your body. Lastly, position your chin down over your left shoulder so as to avoid getting a hook to your chin.

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Stay calm and remember to breathe

When you are starting with your kickboxing session, try to keep your mind calm and stay relaxed as much as possible. If you stress out, your muscles will tire faster. Remember to breathe deeply when you are in a sparing stance with a partner or with your punching bag. If you tend to hold your breath for more than a couple of punches, you will be able to throw less power at your opponent.

Order your kickboxing gear online

If you stay relaxed, you will be able to maintain flow in your moves and will also ensure increased power and speed. Breathing in between throwing punches will ensure that you don’t wear out quickly and hence, your training sets will last for longer durations. There are several online training portals that offer kickboxing lessons, as well as option to shop for necessary kickboxing gear from the comfort of your home.

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