Learn the basic kickboxing techniques online

Learn the basic kickboxing techniques online

Kickboxing is an amazing sport that has grown in popularity worldwide owing to its utility as a stress buster, weight-loss solution, as well as self-defense art. If you are willing to take up kickboxing for a healthy mind and body, you do not have the time to attend regular sessions. In such a case, the online kickboxing tutorials can very well serve your purpose. There are plenty of kickboxing tutorial videos available on the internet, which is as good and realistic as attending sessions with a trainer.

Core principles of kickboxing

It is important to learn the techniques of kickboxing correctly right from the beginning or else it becomes quite difficult to let the wrong techniques go at the later stages. Some of the basic principles of kickboxing are that you must keep in mind while training are distancing, defense, timing, sparring, power, feinting and endurance. In the popular videos kickboxing techniques, they are described quite elaborately so that you can get a good grasp on them right from the comfort of your home.

Distancing techniques for kickboxing

Sharp distancing skills are an attribute of any good kickboxer. It is essential to judge the distance between you and your opponent correctly so as to make an impact. If you are not close enough and you throw a technique at your opponent, you will end up generating no power when you reach for him. The best way to get hold of your distancing skills is to put your opponent on mitts and move in and out and side to side. This way you will have the practice of which punches and kicks to throw at what distance.

Learn to defend

Another important principle that you will learn via videos kickboxing techniques is defense. In order to master the art of kickboxing, you must also learn to play defensive. Some of the standard kickboxing techniques that you can use while playing defensive are parry, block, dodge, return, sidestep and rolling with the punch. If you do not learn the defense techniques, you might be able to defeat mediocre opponents, but it will be really difficult for you to stand a chance against a tough player.

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Master feinting to keep your opponent guessing

Kickboxing is more like playing chess. You should be able to set up feints so as to easily score on your opponent. The online kickboxing tutorials also offer information regarding two common tactics that you can try out on your opponent. Firstly, draw attention of your opponent to his midsection by throwing a hard jab to his body. Hereafter, you need to fake the same punch but throw a straight right to his chin instead. Another feinting technique to deceive your opponent is to throw a hard jab to his face and then feint the same motion but throw a left hook to his head.

Timing is the key to any move

Whether you play offensive or defensive or you have the best moves and techniques up your sleeve, you cannot succeed in a bout without proper timing. To ensure accurate timing you need a good sense of direction and distance. You can improve on your timing by asking your partner to stand around two feet away from you and then throw punches at him slowly. You can then switch roles after three minutes. This drill will not just improve your timing but also help you get better with your reflexes and blocking techniques. It will give you a better idea of your opponent’s move if you watch his solar plexus rather than his face.

Workout routines online

In order to be a good kickboxer you also need to be at the apex of your physical and mental health. You can incorporate some really useful workout routines available online in your schedule to strengthen and condition your body. These intense workout routines will help you develop explosive power for kickboxing.
If you are a beginner you can go for the instructional videos on the basic techniques of kickboxing. And if you wish to learn advanced level techniques there are several instructional kickboxing videos available online.

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Lose that extra fat

Kickboxing is the perfect remedy for weight loss as there is almost no area of your body that will not be exercised while training. You can tone your entire body ranging from legs and abdomen to arms with this sport. According to various studies it has been observed that people who take up kickboxing show tremendous improvements in speed, agility and muscle power in a short duration of around 5 to 6 weeks.
Like swimming, kickboxing trains your entire body for the total duration of workout. The intense routine of kickboxing is a perfect tool for cardio training and that too in a fun way. It also increases endurance of your mind and body as you need to continuously push yourself during the sessions.

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